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Messaging through Text Messaging Software is not a new method of marketing because it’s a method that never has grown up.

Call tracking software

For every small business, it is important to make sure that their data is safe as well as their campaign is going in the right direction. With a Call tracking software, marketers can attribute offline phone call conversions to the marketing source that drive them. Sip2dial provides best call tracking software to its clients across the world. Now beat your competitors and fly high with the advanced features of our call tracking software.

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Sip2dial offers best call center software for any business to win more customers and deliver better customer service at lower cost. The beautifully crafted user interface of our call center software allows you to manage calls, emails and digital channels with a single click.

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Sip2dial's cloud call center software gives agents the tools and data they need. Our cloud call center software offers an instinctive interface that links customer settings from various channels and directs to various agents.

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Sip2dial enables you to adopt a nimble strategy to the manner by which you benefit your client base by means of your Interactive Voice Response software. We replicate real-world call, monitoring and analyzing the outcome of each call to make sure that your clients fulfill their expectations.

Monday, 23 July 2018

5 call center software to boost the productivity of Your agents

Call center software is of different types as there are different types of works at call centers. Call centers basically depend on human agents who give information and solve issues of customers by using technology. In this article, we will discuss 5 call center software that can help you boost the productivity of your agents.

Interactive Voice Response(IVR)

Interactive voice response is a type of call center software that helps agents to prerecord the desired instructions and prompt the consumer to attend the right department. IVR system can be used to boost the productivity of your agents as it only redirects the customer to the department he wants to speak with.  This call center software can instantly solve the issues of your consumers by providing them informational knowledge through a prompted voice.

Predictive Dialer

Generally, you can state, a predictive dialer is a sort of call center software that gives a call focus the foreseeing capacity about the callers. It can enable you to dial a rundown of telephone numbers immediately. It lessens the likelihood of unanswered calls when no operators are accessible. The dialer programming is one of the propelled programmings to oversee contact focuses which is yet to be produced to the largest amount after the execution of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Voice Broadcasting Software

A voice broadcasting software enables your agents to utilize your versatile number as a caller ID, enhance your customer commitment rate and nearness of your image, send customized messages to provoke your clients to demonstrate their interests on your items by squeezing a particular catch.

Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration enables your agents to interface your phone systems to your PC. This call center software can work in both ways like work areaways and server ways. The incorporation of the phone connect with a PC can permit call centers to deal with their business impeccably. It is considered as outstanding amongst other call center software to kill customary methods for contact center business and encourage propelled techniques.

Automatic Call Distributor

(ACD) is a kind of call center software that helps your agents to deal with the call stream of the middle. It can help course calls to the experienced agent at your contact center. With ACD, clients can get the correct data and also operators will improve their preparation program.

Bottom Line

In this article, we tried to discuss on 5 call center software that can help your agents in boosting their productivity. If you find this article informative please visit our blog http://sip2dial.com/blog/ to know more about call center management software.

Friday, 20 July 2018

Top 5 Call Center Software for any kind of Business

Call Center Software is a software system that is used to manage contact centers. It is basically used for various purposes such as; to manage customer database, record calls, broadcast promotional messages etc. There are different types of call center software that are used by businesses nowadays and we will just mention some of those below.
Types of Call Center Software

1. Voice Broadcasting Software
2. Call Tracking Software
3. Text Messaging Software
4. Dialer
5. Automatic Call Distributor(ACD)
6. Computer Telephony Integration
7. Interactive Voice Response
8. Video Calling

These are the list of different types of call center but in this article, we will discuss top 5 call center software that can be used by any type of business be it a contact center or a bookstore.

1.Voice Broadcasting Software

A voice broadcasting software is a type of call center software that allows the user to broadcast numerous voice messages to its customers instantly. It is mainly used to send promotional information or any important notification to the customers.
Due to its versatile nature of broadcasting different types of voice messages, it can be used by different enterprises to promote their brands. Voice broadcasting software can be used as an effective marketing tool for promoting any type of product or services without installing costly hardware.
Here is an example, you can understand it more clearly. Suppose a newly opened bookstore wants to promote its books then it can use voice broadcasting software to send 1000 promotional audio messages to its target audience instantly.
2. Text Messaging Software
To send thousands of promotional and informational text messages, text messaging software is used by call centers and other small businesses across the globe.
Though it is largely used by contact centers yet it can be used for different purposes by different organizations. The sole purpose of this software is to send bulk SMS which can be customized as per the needs of a business.
If a garment shop wants to sell its newly launched T-shirt or Jeans, it can utilize a text messaging software to send hundreds of promotional messages at a time. This needs only an existing system and a reliable internet connection only.

3. Video Calling

Video Calling software is a type of call center software that is used to create face to face remote communications between two users. It allows contact centers to create video conferences, group video calling, and screen sharing.
It can be an effective tool to manage employees, solve online problems remotely and client-vendor interactions. There are many video calling software that is used by most corporate houses, contact centers and other small businesses such as Skype, Viber, Tango etc.
IT companies can use this software to fix any kind of software issues with their customers by sharing their computer screens. A video calling software has become a crucial part to build a trust-factor in consumers nowadays so it can be used by different businesses without spending much.

4. Call Tracking Software

Transparency and Security are one of the crucial things in any kind of business. In this era of technological revolution, enterprises must keep the track record of their customers.
A call tracking software allows call centers to track the calls of their callers by a unique custom URL tag. This unique custom URL allows showing the details of the customer’s phone number.
Let’s see how it can be used by various enterprises. The best example can be a restaurant that wants to deliver orders. It can utilize a call tracking software to know whether the customer belongs to their target audience or not.

5. Computer Telephony Integration

Computer telephony integration is a type of call center software that allows you to connect your mobile phones with your computer. It has the ability to function in both ways such as desktop ways and server ways.
This kind of software is not only useful for call centers but also are crucial for large enterprises. It can help businesses to manage their organization remotely. This system does not need any costly hardware installation but a reliable IP network and existing computers.
Those companies that have a large number of employees, can use this software to manage their computers from mobile phones. Small businesses also can utilize this as it is scalable and budget friendly.

Bottom Line

In this article, we tried to discuss the versatility of different call center software for various businesses with few examples. We hope this will help you choose the right call center software for your business.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

6 ways you can earn more with a Cloud Call Center Software

In this world, the most relevant yet common topic among people is how to earn money. Sometimes I think, it is not a good thing for humanity to be too much materialistic but at the very next moment, I don’t hesitate to admit that I also write to fulfill my needs. Well, with the title and featured image, you might have come to know about the topic of discussion here.
Yes, we are going to discuss cloud call center software which impacts thousands of enterprises and employees around the world. Call centers are the primary consumers to utilize this software but there are many secondary organizations also there to use cloud call center software.
Simply, What It is?
We will try to understand cloud call center software standing away from technological terms. It is necessary because many readers are there who are not familiar with technical terms especially those used in the software industry. So to define a cloud call center software, we can omit the term ‘cloud’ and try to know what a call center software is.
Basically, a call center software is a software system that is used to manage a call center. A call center is a place where businesses call their customers or receive calls from them about the quality of their services, products, and solutions.
Cloud call center software is otherwise known as a call center software integrated directly into the cloud-based platform. It differentiates itself from hosted and browser-based call center software for storing the data of the business on the cloud.
Let’s come to the Points!
For traditional business models, on-premise call center software is suitable but for agent-based professional call center, these On-premise contact center software is not effective. Hence cloud-based call center software is used in most advanced contact centers. In this article, we will try to know how you can earn more by utilizing a cloud-based call center software. Here are 6 ways that can really make you earn more with a cloud call center software.

1.Meet The Technology

In this picture, you can see two individuals meeting with each other happily. This is the exact scenario when a business meets with the cloud for the first time. Whether it’s a small business or a large enterprise, cloud-based call center software is technically sound to address the needs of the business.
Unlike traditional call center software, it takes less time to get set up. One of the major technological advantages of a cloud-based call center software is that you need no extra hardware deployment to access its features. In this manner, you not only save your time but also the extra cost of purchasing costly gadgets.

2.Manage Multiple Branches

The main perspective of a business is expansion, expansion, and expansion and without it, it is difficult for a business to sustain. If you want to earn more, your organization needs to have more branches apparently. With a cloud-based call center software, you will be able to manage multiple branches, from a specific location as it can easily run on a smartphone.
The advanced features of a cloud call center software help you manage your agents remotely from different geographical locations. Features like ACD, call monitoring and workforce management will no doubt help you boost the productivity of your company.

3.Customize your needs

There are inbound, outbound and blended call centers and enterprises have also their specific needs. A cloud call center software is scalable and can easily fit into the requirements of yours. The different features to manage your customers and employees can easily be customized and implemented on a cloud-based contact center software.
Be it a start-up company or a well-established one, you can easily scale the cloud call center software up and down to fulfill your necessities.

4. Stay protected every time

Whatever business it may be; security is the prime concern nowadays. The rapid development in the field of information and technology has made our lives good but risky as well. The privacy of an individual has been affected by this digital revolution.
On a cloud-based call center software, there are many advanced features to help businesses protect their private data. Cloud call center software is more secure than traditional contact center software as it stores the data in the cloud. Another important thing about cloud call center software is that you do not need to be worried about any natural disasters. Cloud call center software is easy to transport and manage in case of any unfortunate incident.

5. Be the Employee’s Man

 With cloud call, center software businesses get the free-hand to focus on their employees as it reduces the burdens of extra machinery. In this picture you can see, Superman standing among his fans through which I want to bring a new term ‘’Employee’s Man’’.
You can easily be the man of your employees with a cloud call center software. It can lessen the burdens of your agents and they will show more dedication towards your company. Yeah! You can easily get the superpowers of ruling the market and become ‘Employee’s Man’.

6.Invest less, save more

You don’t need to invest much in purchasing costly equipment, computers, and extra software. A cloud-based call center software can easily empower with numerous advanced features to manage your business.
So with a little investment, you can use it on your existing computer and mobile phones. This will help you saving your money and spending them in expanding your branches.

Bottom Line
In this article, we tried to discuss on cloud call center software and its utilization in establishing a hassle-free business. I hope, you find some points in this article useful for your business and give your precious views about this article.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

3 Futuristic Call Center Management Software That You Might See in Future?

Call Center management software is a software system that works on a methodology to provide solidity to contact centers. Generally, a call center software is utilized to manage client database, caller’s queries, sending informational SMS and multimedia messages.
In this era of technological revolution, different types of call center software are there that it has become much easier for vendors and clients to maintain a healthy relationship.
But Don’t you think the future is just knocking our doors? I mean Artificial Intelligence! Yes, this latest innovation may change the entire scenario in contact centers. In this article I am going to discuss three futuristic call center software, remember futuristic software! A futuristic thing is generally an imaginary thing but makes it remains relevant in the present. So let’s travel through time and see what the future has kept for us.

Client mind-Reading
Till now there is no such device to read the mind of a human-being perfectly but predictions can be made analyzing the psychological state of an individual. In call center business, a call center management software is as important as a boat for a fisherman.
A client mind-reading software can use advanced psychological programming to accurately read the mind of the customer. It can be extremely helpful for contact centers to handle irritated and confused customers easily.
There are many such AI-powered virtual assistance are there on various operating systems like Cortana, SIRI and Google Assistance. But what if a call center software can do such things for hundreds of customers? Wouldn’t it be amazing? Well, let’s hope we see this software in near future.

Virtual Agent Creation

Virtual Agent creation can be defined as a software that could perform the task of an agent in contact centers. It can be a revolutionary idea which may replace human work in contact center industries. All you might see is catboats or robots managing call centers.
We are not new to this concept of virtual assistance but they are not much advanced to make the customer feel that they are speaking to a human. This concept can take AI (Artificial Intelligence) to the highest level.
A virtual Agent software can easily speak like a human which means it can change the style of talking after sensing the mood of the customer. This also can express the emotions of a human during conversations with the customer.

Instant Problem Solving
Instant problem-Solving means a futuristic call center management software that could be able to solve the problem of a customer just after the customer asks. When a customer will call to fix his issues, an Instant problem-solving software will go through the database to check the problems of the customer. When it finds the problems, it immediately tries to solve it.
If the customer is facing any kind of online issues, this type of call center software can easily solve it effectively in lesser time than human-agents. Be that as it may, this concept is entirely an imaginary concept which is not that easy for a machine to do so many things instantly. This needs advanced AI-powered devices to work behind it in order to make this idea become real.

At This Moment

After all these imaginary discussions, now we must travel back to present and think about what we can do to make the contact center industry function smoothly. We must not be artificial completely as we are not artificial beings but humans. So we need to think in two ways which mean we have to acknowledge the fact that human agents are important, as well as Artificial Intelligence, powered robots, catboats or software.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

5 benefits of Cloud Call Center Software you need to know.

Generally, a Call Center Software is used to help call center agents manage their callers and to access the relevant information of customers. Today call center support software represents a broad term where customer relationship management and hassle-free contact center business comes as the basic functions of it.

There are different types of contact center software are there but Cloud Call Center Software is the most advanced form of them. It’s hosting is done online and can be accessed through an installed application either on mobile or Computer. In this article, we will discuss some great advantages of it and try to figure out why you should choose it.

1.      Cost Saving- Unlike Traditional call centers, cloud-based contact centers are easy to set up as zero infrastructure is needed to start them up. If you are looking for a call center support software, you must go to cloud based contact center software to save your money and time.

2.       Scalable and Flexible- It is better than traditional call center support software in case of managing your business freely. It lets you scale up and down your business as per your requirements.

3.       Enhanced Security- It is a great option nowadays to prevent cyber threats. They keep the information of customers, agents, and other important data protected which allows contact centers to take less stress on security-related concerns.

4.       Agent Management- It is the best way to manage your agents as it let your agents get connected in real time sitting at remote places. Today most of the contact centers are using cloud call center software for the better management of their company.

5.      Homely Feeling- There is no need for extra hardware’s to install with cloud call center software which makes it feel like home for an entrepreneur.

To know more visit www.sip2dial.com  or call us at +1-631-601-0884(Skype: muntycse) today.

Friday, 6 April 2018

4 features that give Sip2dial’s Virtual Receptionist Software an edge over a Traditional Call Center Software

Today, we are in the 21st century and doing enormous development in the field of information and technology. The growing industry of contact centers in this world especially in Asian countries is one of the biggest achievements of technology for us.
Let’s talk about traditional call centers which have gained the attention of many consumer analysts in recent years. Well, a traditional call center generally means a call center where employees sit adjacent to each other and take care of the client business needs. The needs of customers can be random so as the agents who receive their calls in traditional contact centers. In traditional call centers, agents can work from a particular workstation but not from different distant geographical locations.

What is a Virtual Receptionist Software?

Virtual receptionist software is also known as call center software which exactly does what is expected from a receptionist. Generally, a receptionist at a traditional call center or at any private organization answer the call, welcome the caller, and intelligently forward the calls to the right department.

A virtual receptionist software ensures none of the queries of a customer goes unanswered which not only builds a good client-agent relationship but also boosts the brand image. Nowadays there is much advanced virtual receptionist software are available in the market. A good virtual receptionist software can do much more than your expectations. Here are 6 amazing features of Sip2dial’s Virtual Receptionist software/ Call center software that beats traditional call centers.

Call Tracking

Call tracking software is one of the most important features in a virtual receptionist software. It will be able to track all your incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls, calls made to each department and more. It is a must-have feature for every call center software as it helps companies to know their customers’ needs and communicate them well. Unfortunately, traditional call centers don’t have this facility due to lack of virtual receptionist software.

Call Recording

Today most call center software includes call recording as an essential feature for contact center business. In traditional call centers there are call recording options but not as much advanced as modern call centers where virtual receptionist software plays the most important role.  Call recording feature must be advanced in order to record clearly all the customer’s conversations including missed calls. This can help improve the quality of conversation at contact centers and also allow senior agents to train junior representatives as per the desires of the customer.


Interactive voice response is another amazing feature that give virtual receptionist software an edge over traditional call centers. Your IVR can make your brand shine by letting the customer know that you are not talking from a cave. With modern virtual receptionist software, your IVR can be customized to various professional tones. Unlike traditional call centers, when your customers will call you, they will listen to the most professionally customized voice commands and follow the instructions. This certainly makes IVR an important feature of a virtual receptionist software.


With the analytics feature, you will get all relevant call reports, live analytics and campaign reports on your dashboard. This analytics feature cannot be found in traditional call centers which limits their functionality while modern contact centers use virtual receptionist software or advanced call center software to utilize the analytics feature. This allows you to understand your customer’s requirement and changes in thoughts from time to time.

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Sunday, 11 March 2018

6 reasons why every small business should use Sip2dials call center management software.

Today, the growing numbers of call centers have created a new debate among software makers about how to create effective call center management software . Sip2dial is one of the leading call center management software providers around the world. It provides various services to call centers for making their revenues but most importantly it provides the best call center management software for small businesses. Here are top 5 reasons for which every small business should use Sip2dial’s call center management software.

Lower costs

Most companies preach that they have the right call center management software while they want you to come up with fully capable hardware, application, and many other components. However, Sip2dial provides you the best call center management software solutions without the worry of installation, hardware, upgrades, and maintenance. Sip2dial ensures the safety and security of your call center by its reliable call center management software which doesn’t require a large investment and comes under the budget of a start-up call center.  

Remote Agents

 If you are running a large call center business, you would need extra virtual support from outside. Sip2dial provides you small dedicated teams to support your customers via its call center management software. It will not only save your money but allow you to monitor your contact center from any geographical location across the globe. This is called as teamwork and those who work there to support your call center are known as remote agents.

Enhanced security

In this era of globalization security of private and official information is indeed a major concern among intellectuals and cyber experts. When it comes about a call center, security should be on the topmost priority in order to make the consumers stay intact with the service provider. Generally, call center management software comes with security features but are they safe? Well nobody can guarantee that. But Sip2dial’s call center management software features robust security protocols compliance and maintenance of your system. It is not only important for a multinational company but small businesses need this badly.

Operational flexibility

Nowadays call center management software comes with loaded features, all-in-one solution. Sometimes these loaded features work while sometimes they fail to be flexible enough. Sip2dial provides the best call center management software in the world with all kinds of advanced features that are operationally flexible. Sip2dial is equipped with brilliant man-force and latest methodologies to build call center management software which gives it an edge over its competitors and brings good fortune for millions of small business houses around the world. The call center management software from sip2dial is designed in such a way that it can easily be integrated with your existing applications, content management system, E-commerce and other marketing components.

Productivity booster

Sip2dial’s call center management software is a juggernaut in the realm of call center business. It destroys all obstacles that come in front of start-up contact centers and boosts their productivity. The call center management software of Sip2dial is equipped with intuitive and automated features such as auto-dialers, monitoring tools, time routing, prioritization, and call route matrices. Every framework chips away at KPIs to gauge the efficiency of every specialist, and to uncover ongoing criticism on how your client bolster is really getting along

Improved customer relationships

In call center business customers remain on the top of the list, hence it is important for a software providing company to make sure that the customer-agent relationship goes well. The call center management software from Sip2dial allows you to make a better relationship with your customers because features like predictive dialer ensure a healthy conversation between clients and agents. The call center management software from sip2dial let your consumers choose which representative they want to talk in special cases. This not only makes this call center management software effective but also a perfect choice for thousands of small businesses across the world.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

An Overview of Sip2dial’s Outbound Call Center Software features

In call center business, an outbound call center is a place which allows agents to ask their clients about their necessities, seek product reviews and engage with them proactively. Sip2dial as a leading call center software providing company has gained a great reputation in serving millions of contact centers worldwide. Basically Sip2dial provides inbound and outbound call center software to support organizations in creating successful agent-client communications, but here we will take an overview of few astounding features of the outbound call center software from Sip2dial.

Multiple Campaign Management
Sip2dials outbound call center software makes it easy for you to manage multiple campaigns in a breeze. With this advanced feature you can create, delete, modify campaigns with a single click.
Auto-Prioritize Agent Campaign
Sip2dial’s outbound call center software let your agents be free from selecting campaigns manually. The fully automatic system of sip2dial’s outbound call center software ensures error free work and increase the productivity of your call center.
Team View
With sip2dial’s Team View feature, your team members can view leads and track different components of a campaign-assignment, management, follow-up etc.
Intuitive Interface
The simple and easy to use interface of Sip2dial’s outbound call center software allows supervisor or admin from your group to optimize your campaigns independently and efficiently in a convenient manner.
The click to dial feature of sip2dial’s outbound call center software allows agents to dial out customers whose details are already listed in the CRM. As it is automatic, your agents will not have to do anything manually. This will not only increase the productivity of your call center but help you getting good revenue as well.
Automated Outbound Dialers
Sip2dial’s automated outbound dialer option is one of the amazing features that you can have for your call center business. It helps your agents to connect to more callers in real time. You can implement dialing algorithms and pacing ratios to reduce agent idle time and call drop rate as well. At the end you can also customize these settings for various dialing modes Preview Dialer,Predictive Dialer and Progressive Dialer.
Answering Machine Detection
The machine detection feature of Sip2dial’s outbound call center software can screen calls that is answered by pre-recorded messages. After detecting the frequency of the voice, the dialer transfers those calls to the agent which reduces call drops and enhances the connect rate.
Call Back Schedule
This amazing feature of sip2dial’s outbound call center software is essential in scheduling calls back that is verbally settled upon by the agent and the client during an earlier interaction. The call back schedule feature is provided in both inbound and outbound call center software by Sip2dial. This feature can be customized in numerous cases as well such as when the dialer connects the agent first before connecting with the customer.
Exclusion Management
 This feature of sip2dial enables the dialer to skip those numbers that are allotted under "don't call " mien. Rejection management is an exceptionally essential element that points of confinement repetition, advances consistence and enhance the overall effectiveness of the call center.
Real-Time Analytics  
Real-time analysis of any campaign is necessary nowadays. With Sip2dial’s real time analysis feature you can access all information associated with dialing, connect rates, call volumes, campaign summary etc.
Agent Performance Dashboard 
Supervisors approach single agent performance dashboard. From this, the supervisor can check agent status and it’s call status and other key performance metrics. Constant access to these data energizes specialist profitability and spurs them to work better.
Call Disposition 
Call disposition(CD) alludes to the result of a call. This is an important from an announcing point of view. Sip2dial’s Call disposition feature offers adroit data like-disengagement rate, call perceptibility, specialist call volume, call back schedulling, sales disposition, hung up rate and so forth. This data helps in examining the importance and nature of the calling information.
Historical Reporting 
Sip2dial’s historical data feature can enable your agents to access the real-time data of clients for any given week, month, quarter or even a year. The historical reporting feature is one of the key performance indicators in outbound call center campaigns.
Auto-fail Over 
Sip2dial’s auto failover allows systems to run without any interruption with high uptime. In any case the server breaks down, the back of server empowers the system and provides services. 
Disaster Recovery
Sip2dial always focuses on the safety and security of its clients. With its outbound call center software, you get 24/7 x 365 network operations monitoring and full backup which ensures your data is always safe and secure. In the event of any disappointment, the repetitive framework can be physically enacted to guarantee smooth running activities.